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We look forward to seeing you at the NSH meeting. Keith, Meghana, Norman and I are here to “guide” you in optimizing your workflow and answering each and every question you have.


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To Get your Continued Education Credit join the workshops featuring BioGenex presenters, that were specifically developed for the NSH meeting:

WS# 17 on Saturday, September 16, 1-2:30 PM
Molecular Diagnosis Tools For Cancer Of Unknown Primary

WS #72 on Monday, September 18, 3-4:30 PM
Introduction to Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH)

WS#103 on Wednesday, September 20, 1-2:30 PM
In Situ PCR and the Detection of Viral Genomic Content in Human Cells

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Krish Kalra, PhD
BioGenex, Founder and CEO

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