Dear Customer,

Thank you for being with us through these challenging times of COVID-19 pandemic.

With the COVID-19 crisis looming large worldwide, we feel it is our responsibility to take relevant safety and remedial measures and be mindful of our next steps keeping the customer needs in mind. We keep monitoring the global situation and intend to offer continued support to our employees, customers, and other stakeholders as needed. Dealing with such crisis situations is becoming hard on all fronts, but we hope we can together support each other and emerge stronger and better than before. At BioGenex we look forward to supporting you as ever before even during these tough times.

Accordingly, we have implemented the following measures to support you:
To reach our customer support teams, call us at <US:+1-800-421-4149; Intl:+91-7702301043>.
Our customer service team is working round the clock to respond to any queries or concerns you may have about our products and services.

Our Supply Chain Management Team is working their best to ensure the on-time availability of stocks to all the customers.
While there may be a delay due to non-availability of transport, we will endeavor to attend every request without fail.


You have our pledge that you will have our continued support. For further queries regarding your business needs, please write to us at <;>.

Stay safe.
BioGenex Team