Gastric Cancer - Molecular Subtyping and Differentiation of Gastric Tumors using New miRNA Biomarker Panel
Ready-to-Use fully optimized SSNA miRNA In Situ Hybridization (ISH) Kit

Gastric cancer, a life-threatening malignant tumor, is difficult to diagnose early on due to symptoms only becoming visible in the latter stages and potential overlaps with symptoms of minor misalignments. Surgical resection is the gold standard of treatment for localized gastric cancer tumors, whereas the advanced-stage gastric cancer patients who develop recurrent diseases exhibit an extremely poor quality of life and survival rates. While there is a paucity of information on the prognostic factors for gastric cancer and lack of understanding of the different genes that are involved in the gastric tumorigenesis, different treatment methods may be recommended depending on the stage of cancer. Analysis of microRNAs (miRNAs) is becoming more effective for discovering novel tumor biomarkers suitable for clinical applications because of their superior stability, tissue specificity and unique expression patterns in cancer cells. Accumulating evidences have demonstrated that expression of miRNA is dysregulated in gastric cancer. Therefore, exploration of dysregulated miRNAs and their functions are now being studied as potential novel detection and therapeutic strategies for gastric cancer patients.

Super Sensitive Nucleic Acid (SSNA) miRNA probes:
BioGenex has developed proprietary Super Sensitive Nucleic Acid (SSNA) miRNA probes that enhance signals from intrinsically low populated miRNAs. The SSNA oligos are synthesized using specially designed bases to give super high melting temperatures. The high melting temperatures enable stringent washes at elevated temperatures to remove non-specific binding. BioGenex miRNA probes are dual-end labeled on 3’ and 5’ with five FAM molecules that amplify the signal, giving intense stains. The high-density fluorophore-labeled SSNA probes combined with the BioGenex Super Sensitive ™ Detection System aid in studying the lowly expressed miRNA populations and miRNA expression profiles to assess the physiological function of miRNA.

The miRNA expression profiles are used to assess the cancer type or conditions for the below types:
  1. Cancer of unknown primary
  2. Undifferentiated and poorly differentiated tumors
  3. Classification of cancer subtypes
  4. Grading and staging of cancer

BioGenex is pleased to launch one Super Sensitive Nucleic Acid microRNA in situ hybridization (SSNA miRNA ISH) probe and automated systems for differentiation and subtyping of gastric cancer. BioGenex SSNA miRNA ISH probes give consistent, reproducible and reliable outcomes. Adaptation of automated processing using Xmatrx® in ISH procedure eliminates error-prone manual steps and greatly increases reproducibility, accuracy and sensitivity of the test results.

The expression levels of miR-15a in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) gastric tumor tissues were successfully quantified by ISH using BioGenex miRNA probe. Stage I to IV gastric cancer patients comprising of 352 primary tumor specimens and associated clinical information was used for analysis. Data from the ISH and immunohistochemistry assay demonstrated that miR-15a regulates the protein expression levels of Bmi-1 in gastric cancer. High levels of Bmi-1 in gastric cancer patients were significantly associated with better overall survival. The favorable outcome of gastric cancer patients with high levels of Bmi-1 may be due to the fact that these gastric tumor cells are highly sensitive to chemotherapy or, high levels of Bmi-1 are crucial in blocking the metastatic process of advanced-stage gastric tumor in vivo. The phenotypic correlation found using the BioGenex miRNA probe in gastric cancer patients is very promising as this miRNA can be used to develop diagnostic and prognostic tests for gastric cancer so as to make a significant impact on patient’s lives.


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