In Situ PCR

In Situ PCR

In Situ Polymerase Chain Reaction (In situ PCR) is a powerful method that detects minute quantities of rare or single-copy number nucleic acid sequences in frozen or paraffin-embedded cells or tissue sections for the localization of those sequences within the cells. The principle of this method involves tissue fixing (to preserve the cell morphology) and subsequent treatment with proteolytic digestion (to provide access for the PCR reagents to the target DNA). The target sequences are amplified by those reagents and then detected by standard immunocytochemical protocols. In situ PCR combines the sensitivity of PCR or RT-PCR amplification along with the ability to perform morphological analysis on the same sample, and thus it is an attractive tool in diagnostic applications. One of the most prominent applications is the detection of infectious disease agents including HIV-1, HBV, HPV, HHV-6, CMV, and EBV.

The BioGenex Xmatrx NANO and Xmatrx MINI are our All-in-One small-footprint systems that are economical, affordable and ideal for performing in situ PCR assays.

Xmatrx NANO’s Features and Benefits.

  • Add micro-reagents manually to save cost
  • Automated oil sealing and coverslipping to avoid reagent evaporation
  • Intelligent SMS information for alerts
  • eXACT temperature control on every slide
  • Open system software – create, edit and save protocols for future use
  • Run 10 different protocols simultaneously
  • Touch panel PC as user interface

Xmatrx MINI’s Features and Benefits.

  • eXACT temperature control on every slide
  • Facility of on-board wash with effective waste drainage system
  • Built-in touch screen display for ease of use
  • Audio and visual alerts and on-screen color coded error alerts
  • GUI with real time display of heating and cooling cycle information
  • Customizable built-in factory protocols
  • User-friendly software with ability to add/delete cycles and store protocols
  • Retrievable run data with date, time and experimental details