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EZ-AR2 Elegance – All-in-One and All-at-Once Antigen Retrieval solution

Antigen Retrieval:

Antigen retrieval is an effective method of unmasking antigenic epitopes on the surface of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections. The antigen retrieval technique breaks the methylene bridges between epitopes and unrelated proteins to expose antigenic sites for antibody binding (1). BioGenex Laboratories Inc. invented the reverse epitope masking method in 1991 (2), with this assay now being routinely practiced in laboratories throughout the world. For in-depth article on Antigen Retrieval click here.

EZ-AR2 Elegance Antigen Retrieval Solution:

BioGenex EZ-AR2 Elegance is the first universal one-step solution for preparation of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections for IHC staining. The high throughput system is designed to perform de-wax, rehydration, and antigen retrieval all in one simple step. EZ-AR2 Elegance buffer together with EZ-Retriever® processes about 100 slides in less than 30 minutes. Efficient antigen retrieval allows higher dilution of antibodies and shortens incubation times for many antibodies – cost-effective and saves time!

All-in-One features

  • performs de-wax, rehydration and antigen retrieval all in one-step, simple protocol
  • unique superheating properties
  • high-throughput and saves time

All-at-Once features

  • over 400 antibodies
  • various immunoglobulin isotypes - IgG1, IgG2 and IgM
  • various species (mouse and rabbit)

Superior quality of staining

  • intense, clean, crisp and consistent IHC staining
  • eliminates the need to use multiple antigen retrieval solutions for different antibodies reducing complexity and preventing human error

Other features

  • clean and environmentally friendly
  • non-toxic and non-hazardous aqueous solutions
  • due to the unique superheating properties andhigh boiling temperature of the system there is no evaporation nor spills during the de-wax, rehydration and antigen retrieval process
  • can be reused up to 4 times – cost-effective


For best results

The EZ-AR2 Elegance solution produces excellent IHC staining results for over 400 antibodies when used with the EZ-Retriever® high-performance temperature-controlled microwave system or the Xmatrx fully automated staining system.

BioGenex is credited with inventing the procedure of antigen retrieval by microwave-heat treatment of the tissues.

"We are proud to bring the most important development in the antigen retrieval field since we invented the technique. This long sought solution will finally allow complete standardization of the IHC staining process," said Dr. Krish Kalra, founder and CEO of BioGenex.



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