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EZ-Retriever® + EZ-AR™ Elegance solution - Features and Benefits

EZ-Retriever® System:


Antigen Retrieval
- invented by BioGenex - is an effective method of unmasking antigenic epitopes in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections (FFPE) by heating in microwave using specially formulated Antigen Retrieval solutions. The Antigen Retrieval technique breaks the formalin induced cross-linking of proteins, allowing access of antigenic epitopes. Covered by patents issued to BioGenex, this method has been practiced in laboratories throughout the world.

Antigen Retrieval Solutions:

To accompany the EZ-Retriever®, BioGenex has developed unique antigen retrieval solutions with various formulations containing either oxidizing or reducing agents along with detergents and metal-chelating agents. BioGenex’s new EZ-AR™ Elegance retrieval solutions eliminate common issues such as improper heat distribution, buffer evaporation, tissue drying and boil-overs during antigen retrieval treatment. The EZ-AR™ Elegance solutions with the EZ-Retriever® Microwave System streamlines the entire antigen retrieval process including deparaffinization, rehydration, and antigen retrieval. EZ-AR 2 Elegance retrieves all most all antigenic epitopes while EZ-AR 1 Elegance is needed for very few antigenic epitopes.

EZ-Retriever® + EZ-AR™ Elegance solution - Features and Benefits: 

All-in-one and All-at-once

  • DeWax, Rehydration and Antigen retrieval – in one easy step
  • Antigen, nucleic acid, and decal retrieval
  • High throughput - 100 slides in 30 minutes
  • Unique Superheating temperature – no boils and spills
  • Programmable time and temperature controls
  • Built in temperature probe and LCD display
  • Four different Antigen Retrieval solutions can be used simultaneously
  • Crisp, consistent and reproducible stains

Benefits over other methods

  • EZ-AR™ Elegance solutions are reusable up to 5 times
  • Performs DeWax, Rehydration, and Antigen Retrieval – all-in-one step
  • High Throughput - 100 Slides in 30 minutes
  • Four different Antigen Retrieval solutions can be used simultaneously
  • Fast uniform heating/cooling of solutions
  • Tissue morphology is preserved



Product 200 tests - Xmatrx Elite 200 tests - XmatrxInfinity Manual/Open Sys.^ 1000 ml(RTU)
EZ-AR 1 Elegance (Citra) HX031-YCD HX031-YCX HK546-XAK
EZ-AR 2 Elegance (EDTA) HX032-YCD HX032-YCX HK547-XAK
EZ-AR 3 Elegance (Citra) HX033-YCD HX033-YCX N/A
EZ-AR 4 Elegance (Tris) HX034-YCD N/A N/A

Results with our EZ-AR™ Elegance series

PU.1 on Lymphoma
AM708-Tonsil stained with anti-Bcl-6 antibody using DAB chromogen 40x
BCL6 on Tonsil
MSH2 on Colon Cancer
ER-Alpha on Breast Carcinoma
540 p16_cervix_1
p16 on Cervical Carcinoma
AR019 gastrin Stomach  DAB 20x
Gastrin on Stomach

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