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Xmatrx® Elite – All-in-One & All-at-Once complete workflow solution! - For Your Tissue Diagnostics Needs!!

High-throughput and automation are the keywords in any cancer diagnostic lab – our Xmatrx® series are just that and more! Xmatrx Elite is versatile for any slide-based staining – IHC, ISH, FISH, multiplex IHC, in situ PCR, micro-RNA, and special staining (SS). Crisp and reliable staining result! Everytime!

XMatrx – all-in-one and all-at-once complete workflow solution!

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  • High throughput: 100 slides per day (60 slides in eight-hour shift and 40 slides in delayed overnight run)
  • Reaction micro-chamber for even reagent distribution and overnight incubation or hybridization
  • Up to 75% reduced reagent consumption and waste generation
  • eXACT™ temperature control on every slide
  • Liquid level sensor for accurate dispensing and real-time tracking of reagents
  • Multiple slide processing options – Random, Continuous, and STAT
  • Color-coded GUI-real time tracking of all assay parameters
  • Barcode-enabled platform technology
  • Multi-format specimen processing: Tissues (FFPE and frozen), cytology preparations, cell smears and fine needle aspirations (FNAs)
  • LIS-enabled data tracking and management
  • Multiple standard and customizable reporting capabilities at your fingertips

Benefits over the competition:

  • On-board mixing of solutions – standard and customizable (fresh reagents everytime)
  • Accommodation of multiple tissue sizes in each slide
  • Evaporation-proof via cover-slipping and oil-sealing technology
  • All 3 modes of slide access: STAT, continuous and random
  • Liquid level sensor for accurate dispensing and real-time tracking of reagents
  • Compatible with individual dispensing with pipette tips – no cross-contamination
  • Superior (medical grade) nozzle material – no cross-contamination
  • Final cover-slipping

Topics: Antibody, BioGenex, Cancer research, IHC, Immunohistochemistry, Automated Staining

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