Publications and Posters


PDF Diagnostic strategies for COVID-19


PDF Reduction of gastric cancer proliferation and invasion by miR- 15a mediated suppression of Bmi-1 translation (Oncotarget, Advance Publications 2016)


PDF Up-regulation of miR-196b and miR-205 and Down-regulation of miR-375 in Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Lymph Node Metastasis (AMP 2015)

PDF In Situ Hybridization Profiling of Brain Tumors Showed Differential Expression of miR-10b, miR-96 and miR-146b (AMP 2015)

PDF Expression Analysis of HPV16 Encoded MicroRNAs, HPV 16-miR-H1 and HPV16-miR-H2 in Cervical Carcinoma (USCAP 2015)

PDF In Situ Expression Profiling of MicroRna in Different Grades of Prostate Cancer (USCAP 2015)


PDF Characterization of Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) in FFPE (USCAP 2014)

PDF miRNA Expression Pattern in Predicting BRCA Mutation Status in Invasive Breast Carcinoma (USCAP 2014)

PDF Differential Expression of miR-196a and miR-216a in Cholangiocarcinoma and Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (USCAP 2014)

PDF In situ Expression Patterns of miRNAs in High-grade Prostatic Carcinoma (PCa). (CHI microRNA Conf. 2014)


PDF Differential Expression of miR-21, miR-205, miR-221, miR-222, and miR-150 in Molecular Subtypes of Breast Cancer (USCAP 2013)

PDF miR-146a Expression in Cervical Squamous Cell Carcinoma (USCAP 2013)

PDF Expression of microRNA miR-205 in Pulmonary Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Adenocarcinoma (USCAP 2013)

PDF Utility of miR-1 and miR-145 microRNA Probes in Distinguishing Smooth and Skeleton Muscle Differentiation (USCAP 2013)


PDF In Situ Detection of HPVs on Clinical Specimens Using Fully Automated Xmatrx System (NSH 2012)


PDF Evaluation of ProEx C (MCM2 and TOP2A), p16 and Ki-67 as biomarkers for cervical carcinoma (AACR 2011)

PDF Investigation of microRNA-146a and microRNA-218 expression in cervical cancer (FASEB 2011)

PDF Detection of HPV16/18 in Cervical Carcinoma Using Fully Automated in situ PCR System (USCAP 2011)


Other Publications

PDF Development of ASG-15ME, a Novel Antibody Drug Conjugate Targeting SLITRK6, a New Urothelial Cancer Biomarker (Mol Cancer Ther. 2016)

PDF Detection of colorectal polyps in humans using an intravenously administered fluorescent peptide targeted against c-Met (Nature Medicine 2015)

PDF CDX2 as a prognostic biomarker in stage II and stage III colon cancer ( N Engl J Med 2016)

PDF Comparison of MART-1 Frozen Sections to Permanent Sections Using a Rapid 19-Minute Protocol (Dermatol Surg 2009)

PDF Tissue processing methodology to optimize pathologic staging and margin assessment (J AM ACAD DERMATOL 2015)

PDF Loss in MCL-1 function sensitizes non -Hodgkin’s lymphoma cell lines to the BCL-2-selective inhibitor venetoclax (ABT-199) (Blood Cancer Journal, 2015)