BioGenex welcomes you at booth 434!

Please join us for an overview on our miRNA portfolio of Super Sensitive Nucleic Acid (SSNA) miRNA Probes and the new NanoMtrx launch  at the USCAP 2019

Super Sensitive Nucleic Acid (SSNA) miRNA Kits

  • Panel of biomarkers design for analysis of: Cancer of unknown primary, undifferentiated and poorly differentiated tumors, classification of cancer subtypes, grading and staging of cancer
  • BioGenex miRNA portfolio includes over 260 Super Sensitive Nucleic Acid (SSNA) miRNA probes
  • The ONLY commercially available extensive list of ready to use kits optimized for FFPE and cytology specimens
  • BioGenex miRNA kits provide specific intense clean stain

New Ready to use and Concentrated Primary Antibodies

  • BioGenex announces the launch of 21 more ready-to-use and concentrated primary antibodies for IHC
  • High specificity and sensitivity provide clean intense stain
  • CE marked and USFDA IVD compliant
  • Optimized for manual or for use on BioGenex automated Xmatrx family of instruments

 New! The Fully Automated NanoMtrx® 300

  • Come see, in action, the new NanoMtrx® 300
  • Fully automated, compact benchtop system for IHC, ISH, and special stains.
  • 30-slide system utilizing a proprietary micro-chamber ® for minimal reagent use, uniform and intense stains
  • Rapid analysis of 30 slides in under 2.5 hours

Fully Automated NanoVIP Load, Click and View!

  • Save time and increase efficiency by automating FISH with the NanoVIP
  • Highly compact 10-slide efficient system for FISH, ISH, and in situ PCR.
  • FISH now in 3 steps: Load, click, and view!

We look forward to seeing you at the USCAP 108th Annual Meeting!

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